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Nasty boy


Mrs. Nathaniel Moore presents her son … Rudy Ray Moore   “A Comedian is Born”  A Comedian International Enterprises “Personality Series” release from 1964.    A micro-grooved performance recorded live at The California Club, Los Angeles.  Rudy Ray began recording as “Dolemite” in the early seventies and his act became more and more filthy.  Working bluer and bluer than Redd Foxx and Moms Mabley ever did.  Snoop Dogg said: “Without Rudy Ray Moore, there would be no Snoop Dogg, and that’s for real.”  He died in 2008.

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Killing me softly


“Speak Low”  Tempo Records (UK)  A nice compilation of Tempo jazz recordings.  “More Mood Music in the Modern Manner, featuring Victor Feldman, Jimmy Deuchar, Tubby Hayes, Dizzy Reece, Don Rendell, Ronnie Scott, Allan Ganley, Derek Humble, Tony Crombie, etc.”

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Give the drummer some


Dr. Ballard’s Pet Foods presents The Herman Apple Quintet doing the “Ballard Beat” (a variation on the swinging Dr. Ballard’s ad jingle)  Ballard Label (Canada)

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The best planned lays


Buckner Fanning  “The Strategy of Penetration”  Word.

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Shudder island



The Cooper Family.  Brad, Darren, Harlan, Kim and Jan out of Birmingham, Alabama

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Dream Baby


“Dream with Frank Sinatra”  Fontana Records (UK)  A 1959 EP with “Some Enchanted Evening”, “You’re My Girl”, “The Things We Did Last Summer” and “Dream”

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Absolutely Fab


Fabiana . Con las orquestas de Jose Sabre Marroquin y Jorge Ortega  Musart (Mexico)

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It’s Twizzle time


“The Adventures of Twizzle”  Words by Roberta Leigh  Music by Leslie Clair  Orchestra by Barry Gray  RCA  Records  (UK)  Featuring Footso the cat (A Shaggs “Foot Foot” connection?)  Twizzle is actually a superhero (“able to make himself tall as a tree”) with unlimited powers.

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Gone but not forgotten



Laura Nyro died twenty years ago today.  This is her first record released in 1966.  She was just 19 years old.  After this, she moved to Columbia Records and released the influential Eli and Thirteenth Confession, New York Tenderberry, Christmas and the Beads of Sweat and Gonna Take a Miracle – an album of soul covers with Labelle.  She was the first artist to be managed by a young David Geffen.  She came back after a short hiatus away from the business in 1976 and released Smile, Nested, Mother’s Spiritual and other LPs in the 80’s and 90’s including a few live albums.  She succumbed to ovarian cancer in 1997 at the age of 49.

Her avid fanbase includes Elton John, Todd Rundgren, Elvis Costello, Bette Midler, Ricky Lee Jones and many performers like Barbara Streisand, Three Dog Night and The Fifth Dimension that had hits with her songs.  At one point in 1969, she had three of her songs covered by others in the Billboard top ten.  But it’s her own versions that really show her emotional depth.  Though Laura Nyro was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012, she still remains largely unfamiliar to many.  I urge anyone with a heart and soul to check out her music for themselves.  She was a rare artist and poet.

More Than A New Discovery / Laura Nyro (Verve Folkways FT/FTS 3020 : FT-3020-S-1 MG-780 / FT-3020-S-2 MG-781)

1. Goodbye Joe
2. Billy’s Blues
3. And When I Die (Hit play)
4. Stoney End
5. Lazy Susan
6. Hands Off The Man

1. Wedding Bell Blues
2. Buy And Sell
3. He’s A Runner
4. Blowin’ Away
5. I Never Meant To Hurt You
6. California Shoe-Shine Boys

All of the above compositions written by Laura Nyro (BMI)
Arranged and Conducted: Herb Bernstein
Produced by: MILT OKUN
Production Supervisor: Jerry Schoenbaum
Production Assistant: Jean Goldhirsch
Director of Engineering: Val Valentin
Engineer: Harry Yarmark
Cover Design: Michael Malatak
Cover Photo: Murray Laden

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Two of our favorite categories here:  “Big Heads” and “The Big Hurt” …  Mercy Cantillo   Kristal Records

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