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Alternative Cover

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The man who sold the world


Original cover of David Bowie’s self-titled album from 1969 which was subsequently reissued as Space Odyssey.  Phillips Records (UK)   At $6,826, this is the most expensive record ever sold on Discogs!  See the story here!

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Cover me


Have you ever found old 45’s without their picture sleeves and wondered what the covers could be if YOU were the art director and artist.  I recently found this handful of homemade jackets that some creative soul designed to replace the originals.  I dig the girl covers!  I can imagine our DIY hero listening and dreaming of each song’s romantic heroine, but I’m most intrigued by what the Hollies “On a Carousel” conjured up!






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Whip it good


Stirring the Cream  CREAM   Polydor Medium Records  (Holland)

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The flirting kind

$_57 copy 69

A beautiful alternate cover from Japan.  “Sounds Like The Flirtations”  Deram Records (1970)  Here’s their greatest hit “Nothing But A Hearthache”  A Northern Soul dance club favorite.

Although they never recorded for Motown Records, the Flirtations should have, because they sounded like nothing so much as a more energetic version of the Supremes, and by all rights, this exciting vocal trio should have been continually at the top of the pop charts during the late 1960s and early 1970s. They did have a big hit with 1969’s “Nothing But a Heartache,” a record that has had an enduring shelf life and actually might be better known now in the 21st century than it was 40-some years ago. An American singing trio who relocated to the U.K. in 1967, the Flirtations recorded an album, Sounds Like the Flirtations, and several singles for the Decca imprint Deram Records before leaving for Polydor Records in 1972. This set collects the Deram album and adds in four additional tracks from the same time period to make an ideal introduction to this fun group. Among the gems here are the undeniably classic “Nothing But a Heartache,” the bursting-with-energy “Need Your Loving,” the autobiographical “South Carolina” and the why-wasn’t-this-a-hit “What’s Good About Goodbye My Love,” but everything here falls into the same groove, with upbeat arrangements, spirited singing and insistent, racing and almost unhinged horn arrangements.  (Allmusic)

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Relaxing and thankful on Thanksgiving


“Music for Relaxing (Vol. 1)”  Enoch Light Orchestra  Belter Records (Spain)   A sweet take on the Woody Herman album cover of the same title that we’ve posted in the past.  There’s something about girl lounging on pillows with records on the floor.  A theme that we see repeatedly on covers from around the world.  A nice cheesecake illustration on this one (Signed by VALTZ)

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Herb Pomeroy  “Jazz in a Stable Sounds From the Boston Scene”  Esquire (UK)  (1955)  Originally released in the U.S. on Transition Records.

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Hip replacement


Woody Herman “Songs for Hip Lovers”  RCA (UK)  Check out the US release and see how the English recreated one of the great bachelor pad covers for their own version.  Can you spot the differences?

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Specs, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll


I loved this song as a kid in 1967.  John Fred and His Playboys  “Judy in Disguise (with Glasses)”  This puke-green psycho-billy, titty shaker sleeve from Denmark is misleading as the song is a kind of bubblegum knock-off of  “Lucy in the Skies with Diamonds”.  The California Records label also a bit odd!

Judy in disguise, well that’s what you are
Lemonade pie with a brand new car.
Cantalope eyes come to me tonight
Judy in disguise with glasses.
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Soul searching

aHyNHMV3ll7omfm3s12FnymXo1_500 copyWe’re looking for a series of French LP compilations of classic Atlantic soul acts doing rock and pop covers.  Like Wilson Pickett doing Love is a Beautiful Thing, and a soul/horns version of Sunshine of Your Love, that kind of stuff.   The covers were illustrated, no photographs.  Can any of our French “cover lovers” help us find any of these?  Perhaps even send a photo?  Thanks for any info!

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Homeland Vintage Jazz Record Covers

We love this!  To celebrate the television series Homeland and its season 2 finale on December 16th, Californian designer Ty Mattson of Mattson Creative created an excellent series of 12 Homeland inspired vintage jazz record covers.  “Last night was the finale of the second season of Homeland. To say that I am a huge fan would be an understatement! As a personal project, I set out to create a series of designs to celebrate the award-winning show. Playing off of the subtle theme of jazz that appears the storyline, I designed 12 vintage record covers inspired by the TV series.”

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