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Bound for glory


Gospel According to Nina Simone  Trip Gospel Records  (1973)…

A1 Anytime, Anywhere
A2 Sunday In Savannah
A3 You Can’t Hide
A4 Nobody’s Fault But Mine
A5 To Be Young, Gifted & Black
B1 Brown Baby
B2 Sinnerman

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Ultimate spinach

popeye 001

Popeye  King Features (1964)  Song and story “Skin Diver” (my favorite) b/w “Fleas a Crowd”  $.49 only!   (Hey, wait a minute.  Popeye is smoking his pipe with his nose?  Eh, what do kids know anyway.)


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The lighter side of the Dark Knight

A complete set of Batman records from 1966!  Check out our friend Pat’s Batman collection too!

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Tighten up

“6 Squeeze Songs Crammed Into One Ten-Inch Record”   Squeeze   A&M Records (1979)   Comes in a die-cut 12″ sleeve designed to precisely accommodate a 10″ record.

Track comments from sleeve:

GOODBYE GIRL. Recorded ‘live’ this version features Squeeze’s new bass player, John Bentley, who replaced Harry Kakoulli in the Spring of 1979
COOL FOR CATS. The edited and remixed single version off the album of the same name, which became the biggest-selling single in A&M/U.K.’s history.
UP THE JUNCTION. The follow-up single to “Cool For Cats” reached #2 on the English charts. This is a remixed single version.
SLAP & TICKLE. The third single off “Cool For Cats” album is climbing the English charts at the time of this writing.
BANG BANG. The second single off the band’s first album “U.K. Squeeze” was also a chart success, and has always been one of their most popular stage numbers.
TAKE ME I’M YOURS. Squeeze’s first Top Ten hit in England, can also be found on their first album.

Art Direction & Design – Chuck Beeson / Cover Concept – Jeff Ayeroff / Cover Illustration – Cindy Marsh

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“Hey, what’s the matter man?”

The Rolling Stones   “Some Girls”   (1978)   Cover designed by Peter Corriston.   A die-cut cover of ladies wig ads with the faces of the band alongside those of Lucille Ball, Farah Fawcett, Judy Garland, Raquel Welch and Marilyn Monroe peeking through from the inner sleeve.   Soon after it’s release the cover was withdrawn due to legal threats from many of the celebrities or their estates.   The revised cover removed all the celebrities whether they had complained or not, and they were replaced with just   colors with the phrase PARDON OUR APPEARANCE – COVER UNDER RE-CONSTRUCTION.

  1. Miss You (4.48)
  2. When The Whip Comes Down (4.20)
  3. Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) (4.38) (Whitfield, Strong)
  4. Some Girls (4.36)
  5. Lies (3.11)
  6. Far Away Eyes (4.24)
  7. Respectable (3.06)
  8. Before They Make Me Run (3.25)
  9. Beast Of Burden (4.25)
  10. Shattered (3.47)

On a personal note, I saw the stones play the summer “Some Girls” was released.   It was at the Cleveland Municipal Stadium on July 1, 1978.   A crowd of 80,000 plus!   After getting there in the early morning for a 2PM gate, I scrambled to the front of the field – where I stayed for about ten straight hours.     The concert opened with J. Geils and then Peter Tosh.     Peter Tosh, lit a HUGE joint, and tossed it into the crowd as he kicked into “Legalize It”.   (It made the rounds for most of his set).   He also came out for a duet on “Don’t Walk Back.”   Sugar Blue came out and played harmonica on the new songs.   That Fall, back in New York, I went to Studio 54 a few times and “Miss You” will always make me think of that time and place.

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Basketball Jones



Some of you may remember the Saturday morning animated cartoon series The Harlem Globetrotters as I surely do.   (1970-1972 on CBS)   Hanna-Barbera meets Meadowlark Lemon and “Curley” Reese and the high-flyin’, high-fivin’, slam-dunkin’est squad ever to cross 125th street!   And don’t forget their fictional bus driver and manager Granny, and Dribbles, their dog mascot.   Josie and the Pussycats, Hanna-Barbera’s other 1970 series, premiered 30 minutes earlier on the same day and network.  

This soundtrack album, The Globetrotters, was produced by Jeff Barry and released in 1970 by Kirshner Records.   It includes tunes heard in episodes of the series (during the basketball game sequences). Don Kirschener served as music supervisor for both the series and the record. Globetrotter frontman Meadowlark Lemon was the only member of the team to be actually involved with the project, adding occasional background vocals to some tracks.   Among those actors also providing voices for the series are Scatman Crothers, Stu gilliam and Eddie (“Rochester”) Anderson.

Check out the cartoon series here!

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Catch A Fire



Bob Marley “Catch A Fire”   Island Records.   1973.   This is the record that made Bob Marley an international star.   His first on a major label.   With Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer and Aston and Carlton Barrett on bass and drums. Produced by Chris Blackwell.   The album including the classics “Stir It Up”, “Concrete Jungle” and “Kinky Reggae” is 125 on Rolling Stone magazine’s top 500 list (the highest of Marley’s four Lps to make the list).   The first 20,000 copies released were encased in this Zippo lighter die-cut sleeve.   The sleeve opened like a lighter case with a side hinge.   Rob Weiner and Rod Dyer designed.

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Open a cool one



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Fun with Sax0phonics



“Sax-o-phonics 1968” The Art Heatlie Orchestra & Chorus. South Africa.

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