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Smoking Section

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Puff piece


Maxim Saury  “A Mezzeluci”  Regal EMI Records (Italy)

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Smooth operator


“Smooth Sarah” Sarah Vaughan  Mercury Records EP (UK)  A cool 1959 EP of the divine Sarah Vaughan in a moment of repose – maybe listening to the playback at a recording session or backstage at at club gig .  Smoking and cigarette smoke are a recurring image in the history of jazz photography and therefore found on many classic record covers.  (Check our out “smoking section” for more!).

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I want to hold your hand


Royal Straight Flush  Ruben Perez and his Orchestra  RGE Records (Brazil)  Winning!

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One hit wonder


Yves “Mr. Bong Bong” Lemieux  Garentie de Qualite Records (Canada).  (1969)

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A word from your hosts


“Scheletro Twist”  (“Skeleton Twist’) Fred Bullo  IPM Records (Italy)  Rare Italian rock ‘n roll from 1962!  Hear it is! 

And now, a few things about LPCoverLover that you might not know!

  • LPCoverLover was launched in November 2006 by Matthew and Tony, two lifelong record collectors whose passion for finding odd and unusual records brought them together in the spirit of friendly competition and the desire to blow each other’s mind with new and incredible discoveries from around the world!
  • While there are many copycat sites, blogs, pages, posts and imitators across the world wide interweb, everything you see on LpCoverLover is from our collections.  Records that we find, photograph and share because we haven’t seen them before and we think they’re worthy.
  • Since we started more than 12 years ago, many of the records that we’ve unearthed have become staples of the Incredibly Strange/Weird/Bizarre recordsphere.
  • We’ve even seen our name and logo on bootleg merch like shirts and cigarette lighters (?)  for sale in the back of magazines like MOJO and sundry sites.
  • Because we’ve been slow to move to other platforms that aren’t linked with our wordpress posts here (you can find us on Facebook, Tumbler and Twitter), our name LPCoverLover has been co-opted by others on Instagram and Pinterest. The sincerest form of flattery I guess, but don’t be fooled by imitators.
  • Our LPCoverLover Facebook page has approximately 10,000 followers now and allows us to hear from many other collectors which we love.
  • We could pull from our still growing collections for many years without getting tired, but the truth is it’s our most recent finds that get us the most excited and end up here first.
  • We recently started an eBay store and will continue to offer up our doubles for sale at reasonable prices.

Who knows where we go from here, but as long as Tony keeps digging up insanely cool and rare records and challenging me to do the same – LPCoverLover will chug along and hopefully continue to shock and awe!

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Zacharias and his magic violins  Polydor (France)  A jug of wine, a cigarette and a pile of records.

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Shake, Rattle and Rooooll another one



La Societe Anonyme des Anciens Etablissements and the Braunstein Freres  and Zig-Zag cigarette papers present “Zig-Zag en Musique”  Calypso, Cha Cha, Fox and Samba under the artistic direction of Pierre Spiers.  Surprise Party Zig-Zag (France)  Jean Effel cover illustrations (really?!)  (We welcome any clarification on all of this from any of our french-speaking friends!)

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Smoke gets in your eyes


“Stop Smoking thru Self-Hypnosis”  Baron Von Brenner, Master Hypnotist  From the “Scientific Suggestion Institute”!

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What is succes?


Succes-Musette  Symco Records (France)  Musical stylings of one Luc Harvet son Accordeon et son Ensemble.  Kind of a beatnik vibe here.  I dig her red garter and checkered scarf and bangs!  Lucky Luc.

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I like New York in June


Dennis Lotis sings “How About You?”  Nixa Records (England)  I never heard of this guy before but thought it was a cool cover.  Seems he had a long successful career on the other side of the pond as a concert performer, recording star and in films.  Listening to a few cuts here, I can’t say I’d put him on before a dozen other more famous crooners.

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