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I’m A Believer


“My God Is Real”  Kay Myers from Arlington, Texas.

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Phone home


“Songs That Mom and Dad Taught Us”   The Friends

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Happiness is a thing call Joel


Joel Stafford and The Starlighters  on Joel Records!  Looks like Joel ate the Starlighters for lunch.

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Who’s on verse?


“Walk Through the Bible” with Gene and Deanna Hyde  Vocal background by:  The Gateway Boys & Donna  All originals on this DIY release out of Missouri

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Motley crew


The Joyful Heirs  “I Found a Treasure”  A custom pressing from Cincinnati circa late sixties (?)  I’ll let you take in the wonderful faces, hairstyles and clothes of this “group”  Who was listening to this when the radio was playing The Stones, Dylan, The Beatles, Janis, The Doors, Creedence, The Band, Motown, James Brown, Otis Redding … you get my point.  Anyway, Tony is the one who found this “treasure”!

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Smoke gets in your eyes


“Stop Smoking thru Self-Hypnosis”  Baron Von Brenner, Master Hypnotist  From the “Scientific Suggestion Institute”!

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Cover me


Have you ever found old 45’s without their picture sleeves and wondered what the covers could be if YOU were the art director and artist.  I recently found this handful of homemade jackets that some creative soul designed to replace the originals.  I dig the girl covers!  I can imagine our DIY hero listening and dreaming of each song’s romantic heroine, but I’m most intrigued by what the Hollies “On a Carousel” conjured up!






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Into the Fraye

PrintFrom lp cover lover Sebastian Fraye:  “Really enjoy your site, wanted to submit my own album I designed and produced. The album artwork is composed of real record store price stickers from my own collection.”

Sebastian Fraye’s VOL. 1 showcases a selection of instrumentals that were created between 2009 and 2014. A multitude of both sampled and recorded instruments, tools and techniques were used throughout the album. The thread that ties them all together is through the use of vinyl. Sebastian felt that with his first official album, he needed to honor the traditions of the beatmaking craft and the artists that came before him—not only musically, but visually as well. His album artwork is a curated collection of record store album stickers that were acquired from his personal collection; some of which were taken from records that were sampled in this very album. As a designer, Sebastian feels that the stickers not only have a beautiful aesthetic look, but represent the experience of buying used records from dusty old stores, early Sunday morning swap meets, or local thrift stores—often searching for hours on end until something unique is found. VOL. 1 is truly a tribute to vinyl through its assortment of 24 original beats.

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I Like Psych

turn on

Christian Yoga Church  Turn On! Music For The Hip At Heart  (Memorare ES-S101)

Record Condition:  M-  /  Sleeve Condition:  M-, in shrink   Exceptional copy of this early cosmic psychedelia from northern California.


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Free your mind



Top:  The Singing Psychic  Frances Cannon and The Extraterrestrials  Bottom:  “Behind My Mind”  A Humanistic Audio-Text!  “What would people say if they could see the real me?”  Yikes!   Two crazy oddball records from some far out chicks!  Both up for sale on eBay this weekend along with 100 other cool, collectible records from the LP Cover Lover archives.  Auction starts THIS Sunday, May 24th at 9PM.  Search for seller innerears

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