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Gimme five!


“Chicago Days” Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five … Vol. 1 Jazz Panorama Records (1951) Cover illustration by J. Lee Anderson.  Clarinet – Johnny Dodds Cornet, Lead Vocals – Louis Armstrong, Drums – Baby Dodds, Piano – Lil Hardin, Trombone – Kid Ory.   Nice drawing in the style of Virgil (VIP) Partch.  And not looking much like Louis and his Hot Five!

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Pigging out



This is a Jimi Hendrix bootleg called “GOOD KARMA I”, featuring Hendrix recorded live at The Berkeley, California Community Theatre on May 30, 1970, released in this Collectors Item version by the TRADEMARK OF QUALITY folks. The cover features the classic underground illustration work of William Stout. The tracks are: FIRE, JOHNNY B. GOODE, HEAR MY TRAIN A COMIN’, FOXY LADY, and FREEDOM.

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My first bootleg


“The Jean-Clarke Mammorial (sic) Sonic Barbecue.” This was the first bootleg that I ever bought. And it’s a good one! Below is the back cover with Brian, Keith and Mick living up to their bad boy reputation and no doubt commenting on the West German tour dates recorded here (though Brian was long gone and Mick Taylor was in).


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