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Shot on location

The Teen Scene  The Hunters Play the Big Hits  Fontana Records (UK)

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Panic at the disco!


1. Sky High – British Jigsaw
2. High Voltage – AC/DC
3. Michael – Suzi Quatro
4. Black Eyed Bruiser – Stevie Wright
5. Give A Little Love – Bay City Rollers
6. Love Me, Love My Dog – Peter Shelley
7. I’m Not Lisa – Jesse Colter
8. Rocky – Austin Roberts
9. The Last Farewell – Roger Whittaker
10. Magic – Pilot
11. Rhinestone Cowboy – Glen Campbell
12. Curiosity (Killed The Cat) – Little River Band
13. The Importance Of Your Love – Gilbert Bécaud
14. The Tears I Cried – The Glitter Band
15. The Love Game – John Paul Young
16. Sherry – Adrian Baker And The Tonics
17. El Bimbo – Bimbo Jet

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Jean genies

“Dungaree Doll”  A “Teen Pop Record”  on the Peter Pan Records label.  $.25

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Surfer Girl

“Surfer Girl”  The Sentinals  “12 Swingin’ Tunes for the Tuffest of Bunnies”  Del-Fi Records  (1963)   The second Sentinals long-player, Surfer Girl (1963), followed their debut Big Surf! (1963) by only a few scant months. The five-member unit featured future Turtles and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young percussionist Johnny Barbata (drums), alongside Tommy Nunes (guitar), Bobby Holmquist (sax), Harry Sackrider (guitar), and Kenny Hinkle (vocals/bass). Their sound is comparable to that of their first collection, blending a handful of originals — primarily by Hinkle this time rather than Nunes — with some adeptly chosen covers. The platter kicks off on the upbeat and clap-happy “Surf ‘n Soul,” sporting a built-in party atmosphere and the occasional whistle and shout thrown in for maximum effect. Although the Holmquist-penned “Sentinal” is presumably the band’s theme song, it bears an uncanny resemblance to the Royaltones’ second-tier hit “Flamingo Express,” while Hinkle’s “Nite Shuffle” is based on “Night Theme” by the Preps, according to Bryan Thomas’ liner notes in the 2004 Big Surf!/Surfer Girl CD reissue. Other standouts of note are the redux of Jessie Hill’s Crescent City R&B classic “Ooh Poh Pa Doo” and Freddie King’s “Sensation,” both of which are admittedly lightweight but thoroughly enjoyable. One of the more fascinating remakes is the comparatively up-tempo rendering of the Beach Boys’ title track “Surfer Girl.” Should keen-eared listeners detect something slightly different about the performance, it may well be because the combo in question is actually the Lively Ones rather than the Sentinals — again, based on Thomas’ essay. This brings up the inevitable conclusion that even though they are undeniably accomplished, the arguably ersatz West Coast style could have easily been mistaken for any number of similar groups such as the Routers, Centurians, Challengers, or Impacts.

Good eye Steve!

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She just wants a phone in her room

Robin Clark   “It’s Love” / “Daddy, Daddy” / “For Your Sake” / “Billy”     Capitol Records     Clark recorded just 8 tracks for Capitol Records between 1961-64.     Simpler times.

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Venus in blue jeans

“Young Love”   Jimmy Carroll – Sy Oliver – Michael Stewart     A Discos Music Hall / Bell Records compilation from Brazil

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First you’re just sharing sodas

“Bom Mesmo e Mu…sica”   Renato de Oliveira   Continental Records (Brazil)

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Betty or Veronica?

An audio comic book/musical from Archie Comics on Tifton Records with book, music and lyrics by Bean Clayton and Raol Alland   “Idol-ness in Riverdale” (no date on the record – early 70’s?)   The Archie look that I grew up with in the sixties and seventies was the work of pin-up and glamour girl illustrator Dan DeCarlo whose previous cartoons were most seen in the “adult” men’s digests of the Forties and Fifties (with titles like “Humorama”, “Gee-whiz”, “Eyeful of Fun” and “Romp” to name a few).     He toned down his sexy drawings to make the Riverdale teens suitable for young readers, but I’m sure that Betty and Veronica couldn’t help but spark many tween libidos – and Josie and the Pussycats – forget about it.

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The lively ones

The Brisks Belter Records EP with “El Cochecito”

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It’s getting mighty crowded

Dobie Gray Sings for the “In” Crowders (That Go “Go-Go”)   Charger Records   (1965)     Ramsey Lewis does a killer instrumental version of “IN Crowd”.   Gray scored big again in 1973 with “Drift Away”.

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