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Starlets and Pin-ups

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Sweet lady Jayne


“GRANDES TEMAS DEL CINE”   Obscure unique Mexican JAYNE MANSFIELD cheesecake cover.  GRANDES ORQUESTAS CINEMATOGRAFICAS   Scarce original mexican pressing in a lovely low-cut gown cheesecake cover.


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Latin (with an Irish) Twist


LP cover lover, Jeff Missinne and Jerold Kress, of the web site The Crown Records Story  provided us with this:  “Latin Twist”  Louis Martinellie and the Continentals  Crown Records.  Most interesting because the model here is 50’s pin-up queen and TV’s Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, Irish McCalla.  Hard to tell from the photo (looks a little like one of the Mary Tyler Moore covers), but below is a  behind-the-scenes photo of the Latin Twist cover session courtesy of Sean McIntyre (Irish McCalla’s son).


Jerold Kress ID’d the two guys in the photo; left in suit w/cigarette is Joe Bihari of Crown Records; right in shirtsleeves is Joseph (or Josef) Tauber, photographer.  “Photo from the estate of Irish McCalla, and McCalla Enterprises, Inc.” (McCalla Enterprises, incidentally, was a company Irish and her sister started in the 70’s to merchandise prints and ceramic plates of Irish’s work as a painter and illustrator.  Her talent was as impressive as her beauty, and friends who met her said she was also one of the nicest folks around.)  Thanks Jeff, Jerold and Sean!

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Tiger, tiger


Eternal sex kitten Ann-Margret poses (with another cool cat) on this sweet Japanese single  that I just picked up!

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The beach is back


Philips record compilation from France with a cut by Brigitte Bardot.  Nice cheesecake cover with portable turntable from the 1960’s.

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A perfect 8 1/2



Photo by Jerry Schatzburg     (Blonde on Blonde outtake)

My newest, favorite sexy starlet, Italian actress Claudia Cardinale.  A poor man’s Sophia Loren?  A rich man’s dream?  I first saw her in the western The Professionals with Burt Lancaster and Lee Marvin.  She was also in Fellini’s 8 1/2 and the Pink Panther with Peter Sellers (who also recorded with and loved Sophia Loren btw).  Her photo was also featured on Dylan’s Blonde On Blonde album,  then it was removed making the original issues more valuable.  Anyway, she’s beautiful and it’s nice to see her on the cover of this Japanese record.  Perhaps a scene from one of her films?  Can anyone help with that?

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The “Boop-Boop-A-Doop” Girl!


Helen Kane  with the Leroy Holmes Orchestra  MGM Records  (1954)

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Golden lady

A rare Bridget Bardot cover from Iran.  A Monogram Records EP from the sixties.   Features unrelated music by Herve Vilard, The Sandpipers and the Four Tops.  This is on eBay now for $300.

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Sweet Jane

“Let’s Put the Lights Out”  Columbia Records  (1947)  Jane Russell    At the age of 25 in 1946, Jane Russell was a big movie star without many movies to justify her status. She had been signed to a seven-year contract by Howard Hughes at 19, and Hughes had spent nine months shooting her first film, The Outlaw, a western that was more about her cleavage than about its nominal subject, Billy the Kid.  That got it in hot water with the Hays Office, and years went by while Hughes tinkered with the picture, then fought to get it released properly. Meanwhile, he had tens of thousands of photographs taken of Russell and lent her out for one other film, Young Widow. While she was waiting around for her movie career to take off, she got an offer from bandleader Kay Kyser to appear on his radio show, and after hearing her he signed her to a 12-week contract and even took her with him to Columbia Records for a couple of sides.  As The Outlaw finally neared a New York opening, Columbia signed Russell on her own for this album, originally released on four 78s in 1947.  The eight original tracks are bedroom ballads that she coos in a drowsy voice dripping with sex.  The sentiments are well represented by such titles as “Do It Again” and “Love for Sale,” and on two songs, the title track and “Two Sleepy People.”

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Ginger snap

Ann Margret on another of those Japanese mini- movie mags with (red vinyl) flexidiscs inside:

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Twist and pout

Brigitte Bardot on this Japanese mini- movie mag with flexidiscs inside.  “Your Hit Parade 2”    wow.

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