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That old feeling



“An Evening with Anita O’Day” Columbia Records (England)  This album started in 1954 (in the US on Norman Granz’ Norgran Records) and was completed by 1955, but not issued until 1956.   An Evening With Anita O’Day began its life as Songs By Anita O’Day, a ten-inch record released in 1954 for Norman Granz’ Norgran label and later expanded to its present form. The music is comprised of three small group sessions that took place in Los Angeles in the spring of 1954 and the summer of 1955. These are studio recordings, leaving the listener to assume that the titular “evening” refers to the time of day in which the listener will want to experience these songs, which feel like they must have been recorded by candlelight.  Stellar guitar work by Tal Farlow and Barney Kessel

I had an evening with Anita O’Day.  She’s been one of my favorite singers for as long as I can remember.  It was in the Winter of 1984.  I had just moved to New York City after college.  I saw that she was appearing at a club in Teaneck, NJ – just over the George Washington Bridge.   Easy.  Or so I thought.  Having no money and no car, I tried to walk it from my room on the Upper West Side.  It was a snowy night and I ended up willing myself there with a combination of hiking, hitching, bus and subway.  Finally inside that warm, intimate  jazz room, with Anita sitting on a stool in the spotlight and singing on a low, small stage, the world outside melted away.  It was magical.  After the first set, I had the gumption to offer her a drink and she took a seat and we talked about her music, her band, her schedule.  Meeting your idols can go either way, but she was very nice – sensing, I’m sure, my excitement and appreciation.  I stayed for the late show before trudging out through the snow in the early morning feeling that the world was a little smaller and the future filled with wonders.



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Fraus in frocks


“The Christian Walk of Life”  as sung by THE SUNSHINE GIRLS   (The cast of Girl Interrupted?!)

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Bruno Mar … tino!

Screen shot 2014-01-23 at 11.05.26 PM

Screen shot 2014-02-09 at 2.00.55 PM

Screen shot 2014-02-09 at 2.00.32 PMScreen shot 2014-02-09 at 2.01.20 PMFour by Bruno!

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What on Eartha?!

Screen shot 2014-02-09 at 11.39.30 AMI met Eartha Kitt in 2003 at a promotional event that I produced for Meow Mix cat food.   We opened the world’s first restaurant for cats –The Meow Mix Cafe — and, we thought,  who’d be more purrrfect to host our grand opening than Eartha Kitt  who famously once pounced on the role of Catwoman on the Batman TV series in the sixties.  She was lovely, game for the fun and playing her role it to the hilt.  She walked the red carpet in a silver fur coat and did her famous coo and purr for the press and tv cameras over and over.  She held cats in her lap and stroked them with a mock evil smile and twinkle in her eyes.   Check out what a life ride she had — from Paris to Hollywood to the White House to the great White Way.    If you think coming out to shill for a cat food was beneath her consider that she also once did a TV commercial to promote the Steely Dan LP Aja.

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A woman’s prerogative

Jo Ann Campbell SWE EP PS A

A rare EP that was only released in Sweden which features the extremely in-demand northern soul / new breed r&b / mod dancer “I Changed My Mind Jack” by Jo Ann Campbell.  One of the hottest floor fillers around.   Another answer song to Ray Charles’ “Hit the Road, Jack”   Juke Box Records (1962)

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Heart wrenching


Ornella Vanoni on Ricordi Records (Italy) (1958)

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Dusty’s grooves

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 10.52.49 AM

DUSTY  Springfield  Born today in 1939  (Died in 1999)   “Where Am I Going”  Philips Records (UK)  Dusty’s third LP from 1967.

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Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 4.52.45 PM

“As I Love You”  Shirley Bassey  Philips (UK)  1958

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Anita copy

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 4.11.00 PM

My favorite!  Anita O’Day  From the LP “Pick Yourself Up”  This is another photo from the shoot that produced the LP cover.  Verve Records  (and yes, I need a copy)

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Prima’s donna

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 4.48.45 PM

Keely Smith sings the Lennon – McCartney Songbook  Vol 1.  Reprise Records EP  (UK)  (1965)   I love Keely Smith singing with and without Louis Prima.

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