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Hero art

Festa Do Bolinha  Peralta Records (Brazil)  With Little LuLu and Tubby!

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Let the fat lady sing!

“De Juwelen Van Bianca Castafiore”    The Adventures of Tintin  (Coming to theaters this December from Steven Speilberg and Peter Jackson)

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Sheena is a pink rocker

Pink Panther PUNK   KidStuff Records     (Includes “Another Brick in the Wall”!)   Makes me think of other songs that might be on Vol. ii.   Of course, all other songs by Pink Floyd.   And those by Pink herself.    How about Prince’s “Pink Cashmere”?   Bruce’s “Pink Cadillac”?

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Cat power

Here’s the soundtrack EP for Josephine Siao’s 1967 film The Golden Cat (飛賊金絲貓), another one of her sadly unavailable “Jane Bond” movies. (Pathe/EMI Records)   (China)     “Hear this at Soft Film and Explore the ephemeral past of Chinese entertainment from Hong Kong, the U.S.A., and around the world: vaudeville pioneers, flappers, aviatrices, burlesque dancers, hula hoopers, movie queens, sex bombs, jade girls, tomboys, pin-ups, sour beauties, girl jocks, swordswomen, and go-go girls.”

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“Songs and Stories About the Justice League of America” starring The Flash, Plastic Man, Metamorpho (The Element Man), Wonder Woman and Aquaman!   And the villians!   Fumo, The Fire Giant; The Plastic Men; Brunhilde; Mr. Big and, my favorite, The Dehydrator (naturally Aquaman hates him).   This is an LP from 1975 on POWER Records, a division of Peter Pan Records.

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Betty or Veronica?

An audio comic book/musical from Archie Comics on Tifton Records with book, music and lyrics by Bean Clayton and Raol Alland   “Idol-ness in Riverdale” (no date on the record – early 70’s?)   The Archie look that I grew up with in the sixties and seventies was the work of pin-up and glamour girl illustrator Dan DeCarlo whose previous cartoons were most seen in the “adult” men’s digests of the Forties and Fifties (with titles like “Humorama”, “Gee-whiz”, “Eyeful of Fun” and “Romp” to name a few).     He toned down his sexy drawings to make the Riverdale teens suitable for young readers, but I’m sure that Betty and Veronica couldn’t help but spark many tween libidos – and Josie and the Pussycats – forget about it.

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Crouching tiger

Japanese animation soundtrack on King Records

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Hey hey hey!

“Rock ‘n’ Roll Disco” with Fat Albert and the Junkyard Band!   Kid Stuff Records (1980)   Produced by Bill Cosby   Back cover:

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Serial life


The Official Adventures of Flash Gordon Starring Buster Crabbe   (Astonishing tales on the Planet Mongo!) Leo Records   Not to be confused with Flesh Gordon the X-rated, 1974 remake.

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Basketball Jones



Some of you may remember the Saturday morning animated cartoon series The Harlem Globetrotters as I surely do.   (1970-1972 on CBS)   Hanna-Barbera meets Meadowlark Lemon and “Curley” Reese and the high-flyin’, high-fivin’, slam-dunkin’est squad ever to cross 125th street!   And don’t forget their fictional bus driver and manager Granny, and Dribbles, their dog mascot.   Josie and the Pussycats, Hanna-Barbera’s other 1970 series, premiered 30 minutes earlier on the same day and network.  

This soundtrack album, The Globetrotters, was produced by Jeff Barry and released in 1970 by Kirshner Records.   It includes tunes heard in episodes of the series (during the basketball game sequences). Don Kirschener served as music supervisor for both the series and the record. Globetrotter frontman Meadowlark Lemon was the only member of the team to be actually involved with the project, adding occasional background vocals to some tracks.   Among those actors also providing voices for the series are Scatman Crothers, Stu gilliam and Eddie (“Rochester”) Anderson.

Check out the cartoon series here!

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