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The first dance


Checked this off an old Want List.  Thanks Tony!  “Rockin’ with the Rockets”  Tony Crombie and his Rockets  Columbia Records (UK) (1957)  Tracks: Stop / Stick And Stones / Hear My Plea / Rock Shuffle Boogie / Forgive Me Baby / Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster / Red For Danger / Take My Love / Rex Rocks / Brighton Rock

Anthony John “Tony” Crombie (27 August 1925 – 18 October 1999) was an English jazz drummer, pianist, bandleader and composer.  He was regarded as one of the finest jazz drummers and bandleaders, and occasional but very capable pianist and vibraphonist, to emerge in Britain, and as an energizing influence on the British jazz scene across six decades.

In August 1956, Crombie set up a rock and roll band he called The Rockets, which at one point included future Shadows bassist Jet Harris. The group was modeled after Bill Haley’s Comets and Freddie Bell & the Bellboys. Tony Crombie and his Rockets released several singles for Decca Records and Columbia Records, including “Teach You To Rock” produced by Norrie Paramor, which is regarded as the first British rock and roll record and which made the Top 30 in the UK Singles Chart in October 1956.[2] He is credited with introducing rock and roll music to Iceland, performing there in May 1957. By 1958 The Rockets had become a jazz group, including Scott and Tubby Hayes.

The following year Crombie started another group, Jazz Inc., featuring pianist Stan Tracey. In 1960, Crombie composed the score for the film The Tell-Tale Heart and established residency at a hotel in Monte Carlo. In May 1960 he toured the UK with Conway Twitty, Freddy Cannon, Johnny Preston, and Wee Willie Harris.[5] On his return to England, he became the house drummer at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, where he accompanied visiting American stars like Ella Fitzgerald, Coleman Hawkins, Ben Webster and Jimmy Witherspoon. In September 1965 when Don Byas played at the club his performance was captured on tape, and is available on the CD, Autumn Leaves. Ronnie Scott announced the band saying: “…Tony Crombie is deputizing for our regular drummer, Jackie Dougan, who has unfortunately been taken suddenly drunk…” He also performed in Israel and the United States, and began writing for films and television. He also toured with artists like Lena Horne, Carmen McRae, Tony Bennett, and Jack Jones, and played piano on the Annie Ross album Skylark.

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Midnight Jayne


Here’s another rare Jayne Mansfield cover from Japan.  “Smashing Hit Parade”  Various Artists  Union Records  Jayne Mansfield is the most collectable record cover model.  Even if Bettie Page is the quintessential pin-up queen, she only has three covers and while Bridgette Bardot has many more (she actually sings on some of them), the Jayne Mansfield covers from the US, Japan, South America, etc. are all great.  This is one I just found, helping to fill out my still growing collection.  (Search for Jayne to see some others!)

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Welcome to the working week


Tempo Records sooths (sic) you with “Music For The Tired Businessman”   “How GOOD can modern Music Be?”  Really smooth vocals by Francis Farwell with the Edward Kay Ensemble (1952)

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Who’s first?

Lucio Alves   “Serestas”  Brazil  (1957)  Here’s a link to additional notes and to download the music.


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Sinner man


“Cigarettes and Whiskey”   Jean Roderes.  Festival Records (Belgium)

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Planet rock


Schlager-Reise  Decca Records (Germany)

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2016 Academy Awards invitation?


Black-out  Copacabana Records (Brazil)  1950’s Sambas, Mambos and Boleros with voices

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Dance across the floor


A beautiful cover from Brazil on Polydor Records.  Captures a fifties jitterbug thing but with a raw Latin American vibe.  “Dancando na Gafieira”  By Santana & Seu Regional Moderno

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You haven’t done nothin’


Candy Candido sings “You’re Nothin’ but a Nothin'” / “Barnacle Bill the Sailor”  Capitol Records Bozo Approved 10″  Nice message to send to the kids huh?!  And Candy Candido!  Had to look him up – here’s a video of him doing “One Meatball”!

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Bozo approved!





Four from Capitol’s “Bozo Approved” series of cartoon 10″ records!  A great set including the voices of Mel Blanc, Daws Butler and Don Wilson and loveable cartoon characters like Henery Hawk, Peppy Possum, Country Cousin and Daffy Duck.   Add to that the music of Billy May!  Collect them all!

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