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January, 2005

Chicks Dig Records Pt. 1

The quintessential chick digs records!! Here’s pin-up queen Bettie Page dropping the needle on a stack of 45’s! We’re guessing it’s a swinging, hip-grinding, rump-rolling selection to get everyone in the mood.

Chchcherie Bomb!

Lovely LP Cover Lover pin-up calendar girl with records

Bogie’s beauty – Lauren Bacall makes our head spin too.

Chicks who va-va voooom

Thanks Mel for finding “The Record Player” from 1939 by Karl Hofer, German (1878-1955) (Property of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, Missouri)

Mamie! How we love ya, how we love ya, dear old Mamie!

Of all the Playboy Playmates (not including our LPCL Playmates), Donna Michell will always be my favorite (and I didn’t even know she dug records). Thanks to Bob at Retro Hound for reminding me.

Twist it, Babe!

Baby work out!

Another from the indefatigable Farbror-sid.com (via fast Eddie)

Is it a hat box or a portable record player? Ask 1930’s hoofer, Ruby Keeler!

“This little girl is obviously thrilled with her record player. Yet it is probably the lowest “fi” possible – she has to turn it by hand.”

Always let your girl pick the music.

French chanteuse Juliette Greco (from Boris Vian’s illustrated Manual of St Germain des Pres).

Why get up?

Look who’s got the Fever for records! Peggy Lee!

You don’t NEED a record player to listen to your albums. I guess.

Record head!

Marianne Faithful DIGS records by The Faces and Bach too.

Pattie (Mrs. Harrison then Mrs. Clapton) digs the fab four!


This is how Mel does it!

Date Night!

Amazing. Bardot digging records!! C’est bon! (Thanks Eddie)

A turkey and a turntable in every kitchen! (From WFMU’s Beware the Blog!)

Chicks dig records undressed and

in dresses too.

Students play records in their dorm room, 1950s. © Vassar College, Archives & Special Collection

Oui oui, that is Catherine Deneuve digging some old 45’s

Bobby Gentry digs records like “Ode to Billie Joe”

Rose McGowan is goin’ old school diggin’ LPs with her pooch. What an amazing portable turntable! Looks like it was made by a car company! Can anyone identify the maker and model?

“BamBoo!” by Chris Watson

Oh look! There’s Loretta Young having a smoke and a spin.

Mel sent me this cool English Beat chick!

Lovely Rita Hayworth poses with yet another Hollywood player.

A black and white candid of colored-vinyl lovers

Car dreams!

Shredding singles in the garage.

Golden girl with a Decca 45

“It’s your move” Rake magazine from January 1962

Deborah Harry listens to records.

Put something good on.

The look of love.

Somewhere over the rainbow Mel digs records (and dressing up)!

Sorry Tony, LP Cover Lover wants chicks who dig records!

Will the REAL Judy Garland please stand up and put on a record?

Thumbs up for Mel’s friend Aroha (that’s love in Maori) who digs fresh records picked right at the pressing plant!

romyschneider in boccacio70Romy Shneider in Boccacio ’70 digs this record a lot

Woody Herman indeed.

“Lush” “Exquis” “Swoony”

We dig Chloe Sevigny flipping sides!

After the dance, in the wee hours, Martha considers something slow and romantic. She also considers calling for a pizza delivery.

Hollywood actress Jean Simmons (“Hamlet”, “Guys and Dolls”) sidles up to big-ass Victrola for some leisure time listening.

Another little something from Mel in Wellington!


Caterina Valente sits on nice jazz records!

Shake Your Booty..

What a smile!

From Farbror-sid.com

Thanks to Eddie who keeps finding these! “With so much else to boast about (wink wink), Carole Singleton invariably boasts of her record collection and the wide variety of selections always at her disposal” REALLY?!

Some guys dream of chicks who dig records!

Lp Cover Lover, Ink

Peggy King sits and listens to records. Dig that!

LP frisbee lover


Nickie says that she’s a “card carrying chick that digs records” and she has a cool site to prove it – Imperfect Like Us.


Help I’ve fallen and can’t get up. Why is this kind of a pose so appealing?

Thanks Fred!

08.10.13_cicijames220Photos of Cici James (a new singer on the indie-soul scene) taken by Jacob Blickenstaff


Photos of Cici James (a new singer on the indie-soul scene) taken by Jacob Blickenstaff

Illustration by Serge Clerc, from an old issue of NME magazine.

christina aguilera with vinyl

Christine Aguilera is just another chick that digs records

eddie Gorodetsky-noblockFrom the collection of E. Gorodetsky.

Girls with Records (0002 Mamie van Doren)-noblock

The girl can’t help it, she digs vinyl! Mamie Van Doren strikes a familiar pose.


Here’s one from a new friend – Mel James in New Zealand. She’s a girl and she loves records (and not just the mighty tiny ones!) Thanks Mel.

Marlène Dietrich. 1956 à l'hotel de Paris.

Thanks to Fred (via Asterisks) for this lovely entry into Chicks Dig Records. Marlene Deitrich here gives us her singular take on this familiar pose and set up.

Sophia Loren reviews photo shoot contact sheets while listening to some vinyl – in her bedroom no less.


Marilyn in another from a photo session with the great Philip Halsman

Marilyn Monroe is dreamy, digging records.

Girls with Records (0005)-noblock


Zooey Daschenel digs records. And we dig her.

One good spin deserves another! Thanks Mel.


Our kind of laptop.


Tiffany and Courtney spinning 7″ records


Play it again, Sam You played it for her, now play it for me. (Niagra, 1953)

Chicks dig records. And coke.

Some chicks dig Pepsi though.

I’m a pepper, you’re a pepper, she digs records and is a pepper too!

Chicks love Cash

Mark Seliger-noblock

Megan Fox digs records…oh my god. Mark Seliger photo, Rolling Stone.

Blonde on Blonde


Nice rack!


This lovely lady browsing in the pop section of her local record store was found at the always entertaining RetroSpace.

Photo by Lena Modigh


The man who thought his wife was a turntable. (Courtesy of Eddie Gorodetsky)


Girls with Records (0004 Bonnie Logan)-noblockPut those away! There are records all over the floor.


Winona digs old records

Nicely stacked records


Natalie Wood digs records, but doesn’t care for them properly. Photo by Murray Garrett

And the flip side!


Gigi over the holidays.

Joanie Labine, the first female DJ at the Whiskey (circa 1965)

Lindsey at the wheels


Dusty Springfield digs records (and chicks who dig records)

Billie Holiday digs records.

Judy Garland digs records more than Micky Rooney!

So does Brenda Lee.

Joan Collins used to dig records


Another photo of Joan Collins relaxing at home with her collection (courtesy of Tim at Stupefaction)

Lookin’ for love in a dusty groove.


Singer Pat O’day digs records



Thanks Fred.


“This next love song is dedicated to LP Cover Lover.”


Andrea digs swinging singles


Tina Louis digs records (Courtesy of belestrange)


Yes, Yes, Yes!

Singles night (Another vinyl-loving babe lifted from Stupefaction and the original “Chicks Dig Vinyl”). This is Ellen von Unwerth, a world renowned fashion photographer, model, filmmaker.

Blonde on Blonde on Blonde

vinyl girl

This girl should have an LP Cover Lover T-shirt – let us know if you know her.

Kirsten Dunst in Virgin Suicides doesn’t want to torch her records!


Thanks to Mike Gassman, lp cover lover and graphic designer, for sending this one in.

The last few courtesy of Way Back Now! Lets Go…


“I’m sure you’ll really dig this hard swingin’, jazzy, up-tempo groover”


Silk stockings and vinyl.

It’s Andrea’s fault.


Via Bebelestrange.

“I have more records just like this one upstairs in my room…”



Photos of Cici James (a new singer on the indie-soul scene) taken by Jacob Blickenstaff


After looking for a while, you’ll eventually notice some records in the background!

Sometimes dreams DO come true!



Photos of Cici James (a new singer on the indie-soul scene) taken by Jacob Blickenstaff



Betty and Veronica dig The Beatles.


Baby workout! Thanks Mel!

Gidget takes the Downbeat Blindfold Test. Is it Stan Getz or Zoot Sims?

I think she’s turning Japanese.

The one above came in from Jen who writes the blog Eye Eat Music


Look it’s Audrey Hepburn diggin’ records!

LP Cover Lover delivers!



Photos of Cici James (a new singer on the indie-soul scene) taken by Jacob Blickenstaff


_MG_8543-noblockPet sounds


One of Mel’s belles.

Daydreamnin’ and I’m thinking of you

Gloria Swanson plays the blues in “Sadie Thompson” (1928)

Ciao Bello! Silvana Mangano in Bitter Rice, 1949

Can a chubby girl be

Thanks to LP cover lover Eddie for finding this and to whomever did the art.



sex with vinyl

Courtesy of RetroRaunch.com

Nipper and his chick dig records. 78’s.


Is this Bjork flippin’ the racks?

Chicks dig records in big piles.

Look who’s playing records on this average suburban evening? Not Dad, he’s getting stoned. Not Junior, he’s planning his escape to a rave after midnight. Not Mom, she’s been in the same position for two days.

What a stunner!! Thanks to Eddie G. for finding Jean Jani, Miss July 1957 above!

A Playmate with Jimi Hendrix, snoopy and all that God gave her.


This LP-loving, sun-worshipping Playmate Centerfold digs records SO much that she wouldn’t even consider bringing her transister radio to the beach. (And yes, I am disturbed to see such miscare and blatant disregard for the preservation of these LPs)

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