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Contest # 22: Name that chick!

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ANSWER:  [Unknown], Nico, Amy Winehouse, Eartha Kitt, Annette Funicello, Kathleen Hiughes and Priscilla Presley

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Take another step and I kill the cat!

cat eyes 001

From Brazil on the RGE Records Label  “Musica de Maysa”

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Can you name all six covers?

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Fish Schtick

Tavin Pumarejo con su Tuna … Fish   “Trullando en Navidad”  Koitre Records   (Some great entries in our caption contest!  We went with the simple “Fish Schtick” from LP cover lover Mike,  “A Fish Called Juanita” from LP cover lover Wayne too!)

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What does YOUR collection look like?

Calling all collectors.  Get out your cameras and show the world what you’re hiding in those shelves!   Check this out from our friends at Dust & Grooves and Flea Market Funk!   ENTER HERE  I’m in!

Wax On Film: A Vinyl Photo Contest is an opportunity for vinyl collectors of all walks of life to showcase their true love for vinyl. It’s put together by Jamison Harvey of Flea Market Funk and Eilon Paz, of the acclaimed vinyl documentary photo site Dust & Grooves.

The mission of this photo contest is to help preserve vinyl heritage, as well as the artists that make it, just as our contestants do with their collections.
We want you to submit photos of your own vinyl collection! 

We urge you to be creative with your photography.  It could be a straight on shot, a collage, a digitally manipulated image, or any other creative art piece in the medium of photography.

Submissions will be judged by Jamison Harvey (DJ & creator of Flea Market Funk), Eilon Paz (Photographer & creator of Dust & Grooves), influential world famous DJ Rich Medina, Brian Ho (art director & creator of  Dreams In Audio)  and Brian Cross aka B+ (photographer & film maker from Mochilla).  All finalists of the contest will be featured in articles on Flea Market Funk as well as Dust & Grooves.

Submission Rules:
* Submissions will be accepted until March 15th , 2012.
* Finalists will be announced no later than April 2nd, 2012.
* There is no limit to the number of images each artist may submit.
* Submission is open to all persons over the age of 18.
* Artwork should be submitted as a digital file.
* Maximum file size: 2MB
* File Format: JPEG
* Images should be saved at 72dpi
* Color Profile: sRGB
* Images should be no larger than 1400 pixels on their longest dimension.
* File names should consist of: Artist name_Artwork name_Sequence Number
* On the caption field please write your full name and a valid email address so we can contact you in case your submission wins.
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We Have Our Winners!

(Bob Marley – Catch A Fire)

(The Standells – Dirty Water)

(Baby Huey – The Baby Huey Story, The Living Legend)

(Sonny Clark – Cool Struttin’)

(Junior Parker – You Don’t Have To Be Black To Love the Blues)

(Sebastian Cabot, Actor… Bob Dylan, Poet)

Okay, well clearly this was just too easy for you guys!  Six “winners” correctly identified all six covers!  They are Mike; Brian Phillips; Johnny Bean from the UK; Jose; Dan in Quebec: and previous contest winner Keith!  But it was Mike that got there first and within just hours.  Congratulations Mike, let us know your information and size and we’ll get you the LPCL T-shirt.  Thanks to everyone that played along!

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Choral riffs

The Bison Glee Club   Word Records   Waco, TX.   (1956)

Congratulations to Ron, the winner of our LP Cover Contest:

“Being Al Frankovich”   (Subimitted by Ron at Digital AI)

And thanks to the following runner-ups for playing along:

“Spaghetti-O’s”   Chef BoyarGLEE   (Submitted by Anthony Baio)

“We Are All There!   and You…”   Submitted by El Rondcarré

“Say … Ahhh!   The New M.D.’s   (Submitted by Mr. Wolk)

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Let’s play: Name That Album Cover!

Be the first to correctly name the artist and album name of 5 of the 6 cover images here and win a free LP Cover Love T-shirt!

WE’VE GOT A WINNER! Thanks to all who took the challenge – many of you got at least 4 and there were six of you that listed all 6.   But the first to respond correctly was Lp cover lover Keith from Pottsville, PA. who has a collection of 30,000 lps, including these six albums:

(1)   Dr. John / Gumbo   (back cover)

(2) Frank Zappa / Hot Rats

(3) Laura Nyro / More Than A New Discovery

(4) Marvin Gaye / I Want You (art by Ernie Barnes)

(5) Count Basie / RCA (art by Andy Warhol)

(6) Roy Orbison / Dreams

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LP Cover Lover Pop Quiz

Name the Albums and Artists.   The first one to get all four correct wins a free LP Cover Lover T-Shirt and a sense of self-satisfaction!

GARRY WINS IN JUST UNDER AN HOUR!   CONGRATULATIONS TO A REAL LP COVER LOVER!   (See Garry’s answers in the comments section here.)

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We’re an American band

“Family Bible”   A private pressing from Oklahoma.   The name of the group is unlisted, so send in your suggestion by the end of the week.   We’ll pick one and if it’s yours – we’ll send you a free LP Cover Lover T-shirt!

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