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Tickler Alert: Comedy Auction Ends Today!


Don’t miss out on today’s Vintage Adult Comedy Auction on eBay!  Find it here!

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Good-bye to watermarks


To celebrate the upcoming 10th Anniversary of LP Cover Lover, we’ll be doing away with the small lpcoverlover.com watermark that has been on every post in the lower right corner.  And don’t forget,  if you click on any image it will enlarge on your screen!

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Come Saturday morning



The Harlem Globetrotters animated TV cartoon series on Kirschner Records and “Presenting The Sugar Bears”  on Big Three Records.  Back in the late sixties/early seventies when Saturday morning cartoons and commercials were indistiguishable from each other.  And we were glued to the tube while eating our bowls of cereal without ever looking down.  These and a hundred more cool records from the LP Cover Lover collection are up on the auction block starting this weekend.

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How about a spin?


The Wheel of Fortune turns up unexpected pleasures from the LPCoverLover archives of more than 4,000 records and has been known to be habit-forming.  You never know what it might bring up.  It’s like flipping through a mystery box of records at a house sale.  A box filled with treats and treasures and rarities in no particular order at all.  So click and spin and dig on while the spirit moves you.  Bet you can’t just do it once!  C’mon take a chance — Andrea dares you.

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Entertaining with records since 2006


We’re celebrating our 8-year anniversary this week with more than 4,300 covers posted to the delight of tens of thousands here every month; 6,000 fans on facebook; and followers on Twitter and Tumblr from around the world.  Thanks to all for your contributions and encouragement!

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Giants of Rock #34


Cuatitos Cantu  Falcon Records (1974)  This is Ramon and Leonel who both have six fingers on their right hands but stand just 4′ tall.  (click on the cover to enlarge)  God give’th and God take’th away.

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“Oh baby please don’t go”

cool 001

“Marilina” con Los Personalities   “Me Tienes a Mi”   Falcon Records

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Paul Gonzalves Quartet  “Boom-Jackie, Boom-Chick”  (1964)  Vocalion Records (UK)  One of the most expensive and toughest albums to track down.  This sells for over a grand on ebay if it shows up .  Only 500 copies were pressed .  The latin-flavored title track is a dedication to Jack Sharpe, one time jazz club owner, taxi driver and legendary London character.  Gonsalves was a good mate of Sharpe’s, and Jackie “supervised” the album. Gonsalves died in Sharpe’s flat in 1974.  Tremendous work from saxophonist Paul Gonsalves — one of his rare UK sessions from the 60s, all of which show that he had a tremendous sound that went way beyond his more famous work with Duke Ellington! The style here is tight, hip, and very grooving — work by a quartet that features Gonsalves on tenor, plus Pat Smythe on piano, Kenny Napper on bass, and Ronnie Stevenson on drums — all hitting a soulful hardbop style that’s very much like the best Tubby Hayes records from the time!  Gonsalves’ tone is incredible — with that raspy, almost flatted mode that he used with Ellington — and it really stretches out here with plenty of room for creativity, in a way that makes us wonder why nobody ever got this one issued over on our side of the Atlantic.  – Dusty Groove

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Mike Terry’s nuts

Mike Terry “Clackers”  Joy  Records (UK)  (1972)  Remember this balls-out fad from the early Seventies?!

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“Your Mystery Record” from Reader’s Digest  For the discerning listener!

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