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Jack Davis

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Thank You, Music Lovers!

The UK release of Spike Jones’ “Thank You Music Lovers!”   RCA Victor   With a wonderful illustrated cover by Jack Davis!   (For more, check out our Jack Davis category to the left)   (Thanks to new contributor Brian Griffiths who writes “I’ve just found your Lp cover site and I’ve had a great time looking through it.   I enclose an Lp that I bought in 1966, with pix by Jack Davis.   I’ve left the sticker from the record shop – The Disc Shop, which closed many years ago, and the price (which was alway in pencil and on the back of the cover)   Once again, thanks for the site.”)

Brian adds, “I live in the UK, in a village called Coedpoeth (translates as ‘hot wood’, there was charcoal burning around this area for use in reducing lead ore to lead.   Coedpoeth is a village near Wrexham which is the largest town in North Wales.   It’s the place after which the Wrexham Tower at Yale University is named. The sixth form College in Wrexham is also called Yale, although the University here is called Glyndwr.   As for me, I’m a retired (i.e. old and cranky) Chemistry teacher!”

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Tomb raider

Zacherle’s Monster Gallery (1963) John Zacherle (Crestview 803) Illustration by Jack Davis. Tracks include “Coolest Little Monster,” “A Wicked Thought,” “Ghoul View Commercial,” “Sure Sign Of Spring,” “Transylvania PTA,” “Frank And Drac Are Back,” “Come With Me To Transylvania,” “Spider Man Lullaby,” “Ring A Ding Orangatang,” “Baying At The Moon,” “Zacherle For President.”   A one-time, television host and voice actor known for his long career broadcasting horror movies in Philadelphia and New York City in the 1950s and 1960s. Best known for his character “Roland/Zacherley”, he also did voice work for movies and recorded the top ten novelty rock and roll song “Dinner With Drac” in 1958.

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Mama’s boys


Another great Jack Davis illustration.   Homer & Jethro “Songs My Mother Never Sang” on RCA Victor (Trick or Treat series?)

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Music for Monsters



Two cover variations for the 1964 release of “Music for Monsters, Munsters, Mummies & Other TV Fiends” The Exciting Sound of Milton Delugg and his Orchestra. Cover illustration by Jack Davis top and the cast of “The Munters” bottom. Both on Epic.

Milton DeLugg is the composer of “Hooray for Santy Claus,” the catchy theme song for the low-budget motion picture Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. In 1958 he produced Buddy Holly’s famous record, “Rave On.” DeLugg enjoyed a long association with Chuck Barris, beginning as arranger of the original theme to The Newlywed Game in 1966. From 1976 to 1980 he was musical director of The Gong Show. DeLugg often appeared on the show as a comic foil, in the characters of bad joke teller Naso Literatus and philosopher Old Drool. DeLugg’s venerable “Hoop Dee Doo” became a fixture on The Gong Show and was used whenever the contest winner was chosen.

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Everybody loves Jack Davis



Two by Jack Davis. Courtesy of Uncle Gil. Some more his work here. To any kid who grew up in the Sixties with MAD Magazine (and his many paperback, movie poster, advertising and record cover illustrations), Jack Davis’ charactures and illustrations were just a part of life.

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Living Stereo


The great cartoonist Jack Davis illustrated this classic cover. “Bob and Ray Throw A Stereo Spectacular” a Living Stereo RCA Victor compilation lp.

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