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Radio radio

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Left of the dial


Silhouette  Segments compiles radio spots by John Rydgren, the head of the American Lutheran Church . His radio  show, “Silhouettes”,  was the voice of hippies for God before anyone ever heard the word, “Jesus freak”. His psychedelic Christian Dj patter, in the style of Ken Nordine, is backed by fuzzy guitars and Summer Of Love grooves.  A heady mix of peace, love, sex & Jesus.  This and 100 other rare and unusual records from the LP Cover Lover archives are being put up for auction on eBay beginning on Monday, April 13th!

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Sock jocky

“On The Air with DJ the DJ”   Jubilee Records   (1978)   Christian entertainment from ‘Kids Praise the Lord’ TV series on KTBN, Channel 40 in Los Angeles.”

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Music for clearing the room

Murray the K’s   GOLDEN GASSERS   Chess Records   Songs include:   “Blowin’ in the Wind”; “The Wind Cries Mary”; “Summer Wind”; “Wind Beneath My Wings”; “Prairie Wind”; “Colors of the Wind”; “Dust in the Wind”   (Need I go on?)

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Hit men


“You Be A Disc Jockey”   Cameo Records   “Commercials – Interviews – Jingles – Weather Report – Time Check – Script”     U B A DJ!   Learn how to put the record on!   Drop the needle!   Use the mic!

(And you’ll hear the truth behind the secret world of real-life, pay-to-play DJs!     Here’s your chance to make extra money, coke, gifts, tickets, and hookers from record promoters peddling their sides.)

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1260 on your radio dial

San Francisco’s radio station KYA released this compilation of “21 Golden Gate Greats Vol. Two” with a rip off of R. Crumb’s cover for Big Brother and the Holding Company.   There were tons of these collections from radio stations packaging their city’s local hits.     Listen here! to an interview with John Lennon and other old air checks from KYA.

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Batteries not included


A nice Brazilian record put out by the Ray-O-Vac Battery Co.   Lovely pin-up, pony-tail girl illustration.

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AM radio banned


“Chaos”   Bob Arborgast and Stan Ross.   Liberty Records.   (1959)   Illustration by Bill Pate.   Read about this and hear it too at I’m Learning to Share!

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Fat poppa, show stoppa!


FAT DADDY presents greatest oldies from the kingdom.

Baltimore. The 1960’s. 6:00 AM. Anywhere near a radio and WINN. Paul “Fat Daddy” Johnson, the “300-pound King of Soul” speaks soul jive, his outrageous monologues roll forth with gospel-like fervor.” “Hear me now,” he hisses into the mike. “Up from the very soul of breathing. Up from the orange crates. From the ghetto through the suburban areas comes your leader of rhythm and blues, the expected one – Fat Daddy, the soul boss with the hot sauce. Built for comfort, not for speed. Everyone loves a fat man! The Fat Daddy show is guaranteed to satisfy momma. I’m gonna go way out on a limb on this one, Baltimore. Fat poppa, show stoppa.”

Ringing bells give way to several pulses of the organ followed by the recorded voice of a young girl saying, “lay it on me, Fat Daddy, lay it on me.”

“Fat Daddy, your king, and I’ve got soul for you. This is for all the foxes wakin’ up this morning. Here’s a soul kiss for ya, mmmmmmmmh! From the lips of the high priest, from the depth of a fat man’s soul…”

Fat Daddy was only 40 when he died in Los Angeles in 1978. Esquire, Cashbox, and Billboard have acclaimed him as one of the top five R&B disc jockeys in America, while Record World magazine called him simply the No. 1 soul man in the nation.

Here some sound clips of Fat Daddy at www.artweb.org

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Mexican radio


“Carita de Angel” Morgan Blanco Y Sus Viajeros.   On Discolando.

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Buck to the future


Buck Rogers In the 25th Century.   An Original Radio Broadcast.   A George Garabedian Production.

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