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Hot Rods

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Silly Surfers and Weird-ohs



A two-sided monsterpiece from Hairy Records (1964) this record is based on the hugely successful early sixties “Silly Surfer” and “Weird-ohs” model car assembly kits from The Hawk Model Co.. The Weird-ohs model kits were introduced in 1963. The initial three-kit batch of Weird-ohs consisted of Digger, a dragster; Daddy, a commuter; and Davey, a biker. These were soon joined by other releases that went on to become one of the most popular and successful series of model kits in plastic hot rod history. Similar to the drag monsters and toy model kits that Ed “Big Daddy” Roth and Stanley Mouse were creating the Weird-ohs were the creation of William Campbell. The Musical Director here was no less than surf maestro Gary Usher.

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A race record


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Auto erotica


Excuse the reflection.   This one is a favorite that I have framed.

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Down on Thunder Road


Amazing how many lps were put out with cool hot rod, dragster, car covers and the “sounds” of the racetrack. No music or anything, just the sounds of racecar engines, screaming tires and shifting gears and such. But the packaging shows some pretty cool cars that deserve a place in my cover collection.

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