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March, 2021

Heavenly doll


Les Folles Aventures D’Omer et de Jacques Courtois  “Omer en Synovie”  Polydor Records France (1959) Music By Jean-Jacques Perrey

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Fist Whistles and Spit Fiddles


Nelson Barbosa “Gaita Gaita”  Inspiracao Records (Brazil)  Slang for Harmonica:  Mississippi Sax Ol’ Lickin’ Stick Misery Whistle Tin Sandwich French Harp Moustache Trimmer/Trap Pocket Piano Gob Iron
Harp Poor Man’s Saxophone Fist Whistle Soul Biscuit Pocket Orchestra Little Brass Band Poor Man’s Fiddle Blues Burger Cookie Cutter Lady Shaver Starvation Stick Ol’ in and out Box Blues Buzzer
Ten Holer Mississippi Spit Wagon Band in the Hand Moothie (Scottish) Mouth Organ Tone Bone Spit Fiddle Pocket Whistle Bitch Whistle Maniacs Dummy Spit Box Harpoon Snort Organ Toot Sweet

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Q: How big is God?


A: “Somebody Bigger Than You or I”  The Gospel Seekers  Finally, we have an album that answers the question that so many Xian records have posed – how big IS God?!

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