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January, 2017

A Lover’s Concerto


Here’s a cool one on the Roulette label from Japan!  “To Play-Boys” or as it says in English on the back cover “Music for Playboys.”   There are many records from the 50’s, 60’s and even the 1970’s with that same inviting title.  This one is vintage mid-sixties and a new find for me.  The cover model is Italian actress Lisa Gastoni.    Wikipedia says: “The turning point in her film career was her role in Grazie, zia by Salvatore Samperi. (Ed., note: This may be a shot from that film.  Maybe some sleuth out there can tell me).  This would set the tone for the roles she would play for the next decade; bourgeois women who were seductive yet sexually frustrated, cruel and arrogant yet sad and sympathetic, manipulating the people around them to try and fill the emptiness in their own lives.  The music on this is by Sam Marowitz and Sonny Lester, I’m told, (I can’t read the liner notes), but the titles in English suggest, typical bachelor pad glory — “Moon Nocturne,” “Chivas Regal,” “Sounds in the Night” and “A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody”.

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He’s not our president!


Luis y Julian DLV Records  (Mexico)

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I like New York in June


Dennis Lotis sings “How About You?”  Nixa Records (England)  I never heard of this guy before but thought it was a cool cover.  Seems he had a long successful career on the other side of the pond as a concert performer, recording star and in films.  Listening to a few cuts here, I can’t say I’d put him on before a dozen other more famous crooners.

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If wishes could be kisses


Bonne Fete  Surprise Party  Barclay Records (France)  Cover photo by the esteemed jazz photographer Herman Leonard!  Dance music like the Charleston, Tango, Cha Cha Cha, Samba, etc.

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Mighty high


Jack and Sharon Malone “Just For You”  Crusade Records   These two hailed from Troy, Missouri and toured locally spreading the gospel.  Jack played electric guitar.  Sharon played the accordion, sang spirituals and cultivated this epic, big ass beehive (as big as Jack’s whole head).

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Midnight Jayne


Here’s another rare Jayne Mansfield cover from Japan.  “Smashing Hit Parade”  Various Artists  Union Records  Jayne Mansfield is the most collectable record cover model.  Even if Bettie Page is the quintessential pin-up queen, she only has three covers and while Bridgette Bardot has many more (she actually sings on some of them), the Jayne Mansfield covers from the US, Japan, South America, etc. are all great.  This is one I just found, helping to fill out my still growing collection.  (Search for Jayne to see some others!)

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