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February, 2014

What on Eartha?!

Screen shot 2014-02-09 at 11.39.30 AMI met Eartha Kitt in 2003 at a promotional event that I produced for Meow Mix cat food.   We opened the world’s first restaurant for cats –The Meow Mix Cafe — and, we thought,  who’d be more purrrfect to host our grand opening than Eartha Kitt  who famously once pounced on the role of Catwoman on the Batman TV series in the sixties.  She was lovely, game for the fun and playing her role it to the hilt.  She walked the red carpet in a silver fur coat and did her famous coo and purr for the press and tv cameras over and over.  She held cats in her lap and stroked them with a mock evil smile and twinkle in her eyes.   Check out what a life ride she had — from Paris to Hollywood to the White House to the great White Way.    If you think coming out to shill for a cat food was beneath her consider that she also once did a TV commercial to promote the Steely Dan LP Aja.

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