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September, 2010

Go Away Little Girl

“The Testimony of a Giant”   Artists Records   Southland Baptist Temple, Peducah, Kentucky

“I would like to introduce to you, Donny Osm… no… MAX PALMER.   Max was born in the State of Mississippi in 1929.   His father and mother were of ordinary size.   He is 7 feet 8 inches tall, weighs 385 pounds and wears a size 21 shoe.   He has been a professional wrestler.   He wrestled under the name of Paul Bunyan.   Made two movies, “Invaders From Mars” and “Killer Ape”.   Max says he is not sensitive about his size.   ‘The Lord made me this way to serve Him.’   He was converted to Christ in Oklahoma City after an accident in the year of 1958.   Was baptized into the membership of a local Baptist Church.   Since that time, he has become a great witness and a testimony for the Lord Jesus Christ.   He loves the Lord with all his big old heart and serves Him faithfully wherever he goes.   He is in great demand in churches and various organizations to give his life story and testimony.   I am sure the desire of his heart, after you have heard his testimony on this record, that you would pass it on to someone else.   He is truly a “Giant” of a man both physically and spiritually.”

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The Hollies

2010 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees The Hollies   “On A Carousel” b/w “All the World is Love”   Dischi Parlophon Records (Italy) (1967)

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Chicago’s finest

The Impressions “Keep On Pushing”   ABC-Paramount Records (1964)   Orchestra arranged by Johnny Pate.   This was the group’s third record and their best-selling one.   Truly a desert island disc – there was no one better than Curtis Mayfield and he’s at his best harmonizing with The Impressions Fred Cash and Sam Gooden.   This album alone produced some of the sweetest, most inspirational, most honest and heart-wrenching soul sounds ever, including “I’ve Been Trying” and “I Made a Mistake” and the hits “Keep On Pushing” “Amen” and “Talking ‘Bout My Baby”.

Wikipedia gives us some interesting side notes:   “Keep on Pushing” was used as the theme to Obama’s 2004 Democratic National Convention keynote address when he endorsed John Kerry;   the car the guys are “pushing” on the cover is a Jaquar XKE; and a glimpse of this record is seen on the cover of Dylan’s “Bringing It All Back Home” (but that’s a whole other LP Cover Lover story)

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Don’t forget to order ahead

Graham Dalley   Hollick & Taylor Records   (1966)   Recorded live at The Barn, a restaurant in Birmingham, England.   Sappy organ music like ‘ ‘Sayonara’, “Meet Me in St. Louis” and “The Folks on the Hill’     And sappier liner notes like “It was a great night out. The food and the wine and the mood and the music; you’re going to store it all away in some sweet corner of life’s memories to hold against less magical moments when you want to recall the rosy glow of friendliness and warmth which is the essence of our fare. At any rate, that’s how we hope you feel.”   But, give it up for the inspired front cover – which is why we’re here after all.

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Praise the lewd

“The Goodly Soul”   More raunchy “Adult” humor from Skillet & Leroy on the Laff Label.

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Shirley Bassey sings “Goldfinger” from the quintessential James Bond film of the same name from 1964.   Pictured is Sean Connery (the only real 007) with his trusty silencer.     This EP is from Mexico.

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Musical chairs

Here’s a charming cover from the always charming Farbror-sid site!   “De Ska Va Gamla Latar”   Musica.

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Plaid to the bone

The Mastermen Quartet   “There’s Something About That Name” And something about those suits.   And something about these five man “quartets”!

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Knit wits

“Die 3 Spitzbuben”   (Say that with a straight face!)   Polydor Records     FYI, A Spitzbuben is a German jam cookie!

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Shotgun boogie

A cool Bethlehem Records compilation of the label’s recording artists including Nina Simone, Howard McGhee, Herb Jeffries, Ruby Braff and others.   “Double Barrel Jazz (No Blanks Here)” (1955)

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