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June, 2009

Newman’s own


Joe Newman: “Counting Five in Sweden”   With Basie-ites Frank Wess, Al Grey, Nat Pierce, Eddie Jones and Sonny Payne.   Label: Metronome 15018     12″ LP 1959   Design: Stig Söderqvost   Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist

Joe Newman with his (then) new wife, Rigmor Newman.   This cover was pulled from distribution so as not to offend with the image of a happy and happily integrated couple.   His tune “To Rigmor,” (recorded around the same time) was dedicated to her.   In the early 90’s Rigmor married Harold Nicholas (of the Nicholas Brothers).

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They love Jerry Lewis in China


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A rogue’s gallery



The Rolling Stones “Jumping Jack Flash” (released originally in May 1968 b/w “Street Fighting Man”) and “Honky Tonk Women”   (released originally in July 1969 b/w “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”) Decca Records

One picture has the band with Brian Jones and the other with Mick Taylor.   Taylor, who at 17 had replaced Eric Clapton in John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, joined the Stones in June, 1969.   Jones died in July, a month later.   Though Brian was at the recording of “Honky Tonk Women” in early ’69, by the time it was released he was out of the band and replaced by 20-year old Taylor whose guitar work was overdubbed for the release of the single.     Mick Taylor was with the Stones until he left the group in December of 1974, to be replaced by Ron Wood.   Many would say that the Mick Taylor years were the band’s greatest period.

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We’ll be back soon!


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