Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of record covers from the golden age of LPs

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November, 2006

I was working in the lab late one night…


Spook Along with Zacherley  John Zacherley  Elecktra Records

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Can you feel the love


Hits for Now and Always  Ken Dodd  Columbia Records

Here’s 1960’s British comedian and entertainer Ken Dodd and his best friend.   It’s kind of a formal portrait with no hint of self consciousness.   I like the way the dog is daring you to say something.

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Red hot and horny


Vol II  Los Santos  Musart

The theme of heaven and hell, angels and devils, good and evil is frequently illustrated on album covers of all genres. Often with humorous and sometimes sexy depictions. Here’s another nice latin cover – from simpler times. Album cover art from Latin American countries is among the best in the world. I don’t know why, but check back and I’ll show you. This is another one on the Musart label (music + art).

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Puff daddy


Dexter Blows Hot and Cool  Dexter Gordon  Dootone Records  This is high art.   The photographer is Hermann Leonard who shot most jazz legends beginning in the 1940’s. I met him once in the eighties. Nice guy. A lot of his photos include the curling smoke of a musician’s cigarette. This is a famous shot of Dexter Gordon on the rare Dootone label.  A beautiful cover for a beautiful jazz record.

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Down in the basement

Blowfly Disco  Blowfly  Weird World Records

When was the last time you were at a party like this? I won’t file this under “cheesecake”. Blowfly made lots of crude, offensive and funny records on the Weird World label. His cover “art” is in a class of its own. There are many black comedy records that are “adult” or “risque” from the fifties, sixties and seventies. I like this one

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Out satan


Crying Demons Crying Demons Crying Demons  A. A. Allen  Miracle Revival Records

This is just amazing. Was on my want list for a long time. This is the quintessential over-the-top, tent revival preacher, miracle worker put on. The record is by AA Allen who made many of these bible belt recordings with the “actual sounds”  of exorcism and healing. This one is from the fifties and came in a neat blood red vinyl. The guy on the cover is laughable and goofy. Others in this genre can get pretty ugly. I’ll show you some in the future.

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Square biz


Honky Style: Polkas, Walktzes, Obereks  Eddie Blazonezyk’s Versatones  Bel-Aire

Polka record covers offer a world of laughs. And there are so many of them. There is a polka for every occasion and every musical fad led to a barrel of polka records. Seems to me that this one just states the obvious. I’ll be sharing many others with you in the future.

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Bettie Page


Ain’t Misbehavin’: Fats Waller’s Hits and Jazz  Broadway Jazz Orchestra  Halo

Bettie Page was on the cover of 3 Lps in fifties. The most famous uses the Bunny Yeager shot with the tigers, the other is cropped version of this photo. This is the sexiest and hardest to find. Halo is a great label for cheesecake covers. It was a budget label with smaltzy pop music and hits covered by orchestras. But many remain prime examples of early LPs with sexy models and pin-up photography. It would be incredible if anyone unearthed another lp from this period with Bettie on the cover. Maybe there’s one in another country that will show up some day.

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Can you do The Lurch?


The Lurch  Ted Cassidy  Capitol Records

It’s amazing how many of TV’s supporting character actors of the sixties and seventies managed to get a record deal. I love finding a record by one of the TV stars I grew up with, especially obscure ones and ones that show them on the cover in character. This is a 45 picture sleeve. I don’t think he made a full-length lp.

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He’s home at 6 every night


Salsa Na’ Ma’  Charlie Palmieri y su Charanga “La Duboney”  Alegre

Wow. This is good on various levels. First of all, I love homemade soup. I love latin music.   And the chef is hot.   I spent about year pulling lp covers to frame and put up in my kitchen, this one made the cut on the first round.

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